Hey Conservatards! Others have guns as well…

“Nevertheless, for some weird reason, only Anarchists get away with covering their faces…”

That’s because under anarcho-tyranny, the state protects the truly lawless, and doesn’t take away their weapons; only those of the law-abiding…



Stay Strapped

Anarchists carried at this event. Meaning: ANARCHISTS HAD GUNS! Out in the open, and it was legal. That’s right, it’s not just nazis and anti-immigrant types who are packing now at protests, it’s our side. In Arizona, it’s legal to openly carry firearms as long as your weapon is legally yours. This is the first time I have physically seen anarchists at demonstrations carry firearms with them – and I have to say that the experience was very empowering to see. Those in states with similar laws should considering getting firearms and doing the same if possible. This is not me fetishizing armed struggle or guns; the way forward is collective action by working people in their workplaces, communities, and the streets. But, if we are going to go up against people like the NSM, we should be prepared to defend ourselves especially if we can avoid…

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2 thoughts on “Hey Conservatards! Others have guns as well…

  1. Do anarcho-tyrannies fall under Romans 13:1-7, if yes, which parts? Do churchians having an expanded interpretation of Romans 13:1-7 a religious duty to obey the Antifa like they do towards the coppers (in their version of Christianity)?

    • A damned good question. 🙂

      Well, I think a mixture of obedience and disobedience may be appropriate in our times; pay our taxes, but fight unjust laws, and sometimes engage in civil disobedience…

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