Guy fills in potholes with gravel; gets in trouble by city; ordered to remove gravel

Only in New Brunswick…

A Saint John man who filled in some potholes with gravel has been ordered by the city to undo the work and has been told he could be fined.


The city does not allow private citizens to do road work.

Defazio says Rice also told him some people had complained about possible damage from the gravel and city officials had expressed concerns about insurance claims.

“He said people were saying that a rock could be kicked up, or, you know, it could chip your windshield, it could scratch your paint, or whatever,” said Defazio. “I said, ‘Has it happened?’ He says, ‘Well, I don’t know if it’s happened, but it could happen.'”


5 thoughts on “Guy fills in potholes with gravel; gets in trouble by city; ordered to remove gravel

  1. It reminds me of the problem we have here. We have a problem on the outside of the complex by my house where people will write graffiti on the walls. And also put rubbish. So naturally my neighbors and I go out to sweep the rubbish, and about twice a year paint over the graffiti.

    The people who write graffiti, and the people who litter, must be the ones to clean up this mess. And if they refuse, the government workers should come to take care of it (they get paid enough), but they do not. So we clean it ourselves, because we want our street to look nice.

    That is what this man was doing, and even more than that, he was doing it for safety reasons I believe, which is admirable and a public service. So it is an absolute disgrace that they should fine him this virtuous act! What is becoming of this world!

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