Major Crackdown on Internet Free Speech and Anonymity begins

As if using a social network automatically makes you more liable to be a ‘revenge porn’ poster… Just a pretext for tyranny.


Lord Best has called for those who use social networking sites, such as Twitter, to be put on a special ‘register’ so that the police can put them away – probably for many decades – if they commit any thought crimes. This is under the pretext of catching people who send ‘revenge porn’ which there was absolutely no reason to criminalise in the first place anyway. However, this new legislation goes further as it removes anonymity from the internet and will inevitably lead to criminalising things such as the ‘thought crime’ of informing the general public as to the barbarity and sheer evilness of the Sex Offender Register. As those who speak out will be automatically caught and arrested due to their names all being ‘on a register’ it will allow the government to secretly and covertly incarcerate millions of people in gulags where they are warehoused like battery farmed chickens…

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