You’ll Never Guess the Latest Business to Be Cited for Not Serving an LGBT Person

A gay bar, lol.

A Denver bar has been cited by the state’s Division of Civil Rights for discrimination because it refused to let a gay man dressed in drag enter. The bar is the Denver Wrangler, and despite what its name might suggest, it is not some Country Western joint. It is, in fact, a gay bar. So the state has determined that a gay bar has discriminated against a gay person.

What happened last summer is that a gay man named Vito Marzano, dressed in drag from a fundraiser elsewhere, wanted to enter the Wrangler. He was denied entry. The bar claims it wasn’t because he was cross-dressing but because his image didn’t match his driver’s license. The bar had been previously cited for serving somebody underage and were now being extra cautious. For those not in the know, gay bars have a history of being targets of scrutiny by authorities looking for excuses to raid them and shut them down.

Marzano is not transgender and has made no claims that he is. Nevertheless, the State of Colorado has determined that the Wrangler has likely violated Marzano’s right to public accommodation on the basis of his appearance.

Amusing to see identity politics bite the sort of people who tend to promote it in the rear end.

Still, it’s absurd. Perhaps some of them might learn from this.

Nah; who am I kidding? Not bloody likely…


One thought on “You’ll Never Guess the Latest Business to Be Cited for Not Serving an LGBT Person

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