It’s Not a Snake, It’s an Emotional Support Service Animal

Zwinglius Redivivus

A man disturbed customers by bringing a snake into a restaurant, and management allowed it to stay during dinner because the man claimed it was his “service animal.” “I just started trembling and said ‘We’ve got to get out of here’,” one customer told CNN affiliate KYTV.  After customers told management of their concerns, they were told the snake was a service animal, and would be allowed to stay. According to KYTV a customer approached the man and he told her the snake helped him with depression.

I love this guy.  Mocking the absurdity that has come to be called ’emotional support service animals’.  It helps with his depression because who wouldn’t be constantly chuckling as they tote around an emotional support python (or gerbil or hamster or goldfish or lizard or fly or toad or tick or lice or whatever).

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