It’s Not a Snake, It’s an Emotional Support Service Animal

Zwinglius Redivivus

A man disturbed customers by bringing a snake into a restaurant, and management allowed it to stay during dinner because the man claimed it was his “service animal.” “I just started trembling and said ‘We’ve got to get out of here’,” one customer told CNN affiliate KYTV.  After customers told management of their concerns, they were told the snake was a service animal, and would be allowed to stay. According to KYTV a customer approached the man and he told her the snake helped him with depression.

I love this guy.  Mocking the absurdity that has come to be called ’emotional support service animals’.  It helps with his depression because who wouldn’t be constantly chuckling as they tote around an emotional support python (or gerbil or hamster or goldfish or lizard or fly or toad or tick or lice or whatever).

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Cornwall kids defy bylaw to stop selling worms

Stopping small children from selling worms? WTF?

A Cornwall family is defying a city order to stop two kids from selling worms on their front lawn.

Clayton, 8, and Kristopher Cadieux, 10, started their business last summer, digging up worms and selling them as bait for $2.50 per dozen.

But after a complaint from a neighbour, the brothers received a note from the city saying they were breaking a bylaw and had to shut down their business.

Busy-body neighbour; busy-body municipal government.

Good on them, and their parents, for their defiance.

Brit women with vaginal piercings to be classed as suffering from Female Genital Mutilation

“OMG, I totally didn’t realize I was being victimised, when I voluntarily had my vag pierced!”

Hundreds of women in London with vagina piercings will be recorded as victims of potentially illegal female genital mutilation under new NHS rules to be introduced next month.

The mandatory reporting regulations, sent to medical staff by the Department of Health, say that any woman whose labia or clitoris has been pierced must be classed as suffering FGM.

The rules will apply even when women have consented to the piercing and had the procedure in the belief that it will improve their sex lives and enhance their attractiveness.

It means that each of the women will also be classed as a potential crime victim and that those responsible for carrying out the piercing could be deemed guilty of an offence under legislation banning FGM.


Best comment on this:

Maybe because the Left likes to deconstruct the meaning of voluntary and involuntary, removal and modification, in endless shades of grey. That is what post-modern anarcho-tyranny is for.

Exactly, oogenhand.

Anti-Christian, feminist pornographic ‘art’ displayed at Ontario government art gallery



fempornCensored closeup of Rosalie Maheux piece titled “Sacred Circle XII.”

A Queen’s Park art gallery is seeing more action than usual because of local artist Rosalie H. Maheux’s racy piece called Sacred Circle XII.

From afar, the 33-square-inch work looks like a stained glass rose fit for a church. But upon closer inspection, it’s a collage of hardcore pornographic images involving women engaging in oral and anal sex.

Ah, porn and anti-Christian dogma. Displayed in a government building. Thanks, Liberal premier and lesbian grandma Kathleen Wynne! Figures

Naturally, the Conservative critic is only concerned with the ‘sexual objectification’ in the piece, not the obscenity nor the anti-Christian tweaking of it:

Ontario PC women’s critic Laurie Scott said she’s “disappointed” a publicly owned government building, Macdonald Block, has chosen to display graphic and sexually explicit images of women.

“Regardless of the aims or intent of the artist, Ontarians expect…

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