Teen with special needs raped at Alabama school after teachers allegedly used her as ‘bait’ to catch sex predator

Homeschool / private school / church school your kids!

Disruptive hair?

Hey, I don’t like unnatural hair colours myself, but this is crazy!

For the past three year, Hayleigh Black, 16, has dyed her hair red. But this year, officials with the Muscle Shoals, Alabama, school system decided there was a problem with that. They said she was in violation of a school policy banning hair colors that are disruptive or distracting. They sent her home and told her not to come back until she changed the color.

Homeschool / private school / church-school your kids!

Christian Ministries ‘Shocked’ After Alabama Police Shut Down Food Distribution to Homeless

Government wants no competition from charity; only it can help others, doncha know…

Wood, who pastors The Lord’s House of Prayer in Oneonta, has been feeding the poor and homeless in Birmingham every Saturday for the past six years, driving a truck that features Matthew 25:35-40, which speaks of Jesus command to care for the hungry.

However, two weeks ago, Wood says that he was approached by Birmingham police as he was conducting an outreach in Linn Park and was told to cease operations because he did not have a permit. The cost for a permit, which must be obtained from the Health Department, is between $300 and $500.

Reports state that police had referred to an ordinance surrounding food trucks, which was enacted when area restaurants complained that some food vendors were taking away their business. The new law, which was passed in December, regulates when and where food trucks can park. It mentions nothing of food that is distributed for free to the homeless.

Kinda reminds one of how anti-racketeering laws were used to shut down protests in front of abortion clinics; the State abuses its laws for its own ends. Part of the methodology of anarcho-tyranny