Cornwall kids defy bylaw to stop selling worms

Stopping small children from selling worms? WTF?

A Cornwall family is defying a city order to stop two kids from selling worms on their front lawn.

Clayton, 8, and Kristopher Cadieux, 10, started their business last summer, digging up worms and selling them as bait for $2.50 per dozen.

But after a complaint from a neighbour, the brothers received a note from the city saying they were breaking a bylaw and had to shut down their business.

Busy-body neighbour; busy-body municipal government.

Good on them, and their parents, for their defiance.


Small Businesses Face Surge of Disability Lawsuits

Small Businesses Face Surge of Disability Lawsuits

Small-business are facing a sharp increase in disabled-access lawsuits in the wake of a federal appeals-court ruling that allowed so-called disabled “testers” — private individuals who aren’t patrons but visit businesses to check for violations — to take the owners to court.


If you run afoul of the ‘gay rights’ agenda, the government will interfere with your right to do business with whomever you please

These are cases of anarcho-tyranny, once again:

As previously reported, a number of businesses have been under fire in recent years for declining to participate in same-sex ceremonies. In December, an administrative law judge in Colorado ruled under the threat of fines that baker Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood must not refuse orders to make cakes for homosexual celebrations. He was later ordered by the Colorado Human Rights Commission to train his staff to accommodate homosexual events and to submit quarterly reports to prove that he has not refused the requests. Phillips is currently fighting the matter in court.

In Portland, Oregon, investigators concluded earlier this year that Christians Aaron and Melissa Klein of Sweet Cakes by Melissa discriminated against a lesbian when they declined to make a cake for her same-sex ceremony. The case is now in a conciliation phase to work toward a settlement, but if an agreement cannot be reached, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries has warned that “the bureau may bring formal charges and move the issue to BOLI’s Administrative Prosecution Unit.”

The Klein’s closed their bakery last year and moved all operations to their home, as they state that homosexuals used “mafia tactics” to force them out of business, sending threatening emails , harassing their vendors and ransacking their bakery truck as they packed to leave. But the couple vowed to continue to stand, giving glory to God in a note that they affixed to the bakery as they closed down in September.

“This fight is not over. We will continue to stand strong,” it read. “The Lord is good and we will continue to serve HIM with all our heart.”

And it may happen again in this particular case:

According to BloomUToday, the Bloomsburg town council may now be seeking to pass a regulation barring businesses like W.W. Bridal Shop from declining requests from homosexuals and others despite their religious beliefs.

Supporters of freedom should be enraged at such state coercion, being brought to bear on businesspeople.

It even affects businesses belonging to homosexuals themselves!