Cornwall kids defy bylaw to stop selling worms

Stopping small children from selling worms? WTF?

A Cornwall family is defying a city order to stop two kids from selling worms on their front lawn.

Clayton, 8, and Kristopher Cadieux, 10, started their business last summer, digging up worms and selling them as bait for $2.50 per dozen.

But after a complaint from a neighbour, the brothers received a note from the city saying they were breaking a bylaw and had to shut down their business.

Busy-body neighbour; busy-body municipal government.

Good on them, and their parents, for their defiance.

Is flicking a sunflower seed littering? Winnipeg police think so

This is how Winnipeg police treat tourists from other countries – and Canadians, too, no doubt…

Winnipeg sucks; modern police suck; and Winnipeg police therefore suck doubly.

More smoking bans in Ontario

Left-liberal commie nanny/police state bastards…

In Ontario, it’s now illegal to smoke at children’s playgrounds, publicly owned sports fields and restaurant and bar patios, changes that took effect New Year’s Day.

As well, tobacco cannot be legally sold on university and college campuses.

Which simply punishes convenience stores on campuses, driving the trade to neighbouring off-campus stores, giving them a competitive edge; won’t decrease smoking one iota.

Meaning the government will still get their tax revenues, unless of course more people buy their tobacco in bulk from native reserves…

Trinity Western loses consent for provincial law school


British Columbia Minister of Advanced Education Amrik Virk has revoked his consent for Trinity Western University, a Christian college, to open a law school. Virk cited the fact that law societies in British Columbia and other Canadian provinces have refused to accredit the school’s graduates because of a section of the university’s covenant requiring students, faculty, and administrators not to engage in “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.”

Veteran ticketed escorting body of Private Steven Allen

This is the thanks you get for serving the State; another servant of the State shows no mercy.

A veteran escorting the body of Private Steven Allen, the soldier who died after a military training exercise in Alberta, was given a ticket by police while part of the funeral procession.

Debbi Ferguson was pulled over by Victoria police while she was part of the procession in Victoria.

Ferguson, a 20-year military veteran, was pulled over and issued a ticket for $230 while part of a funeral procession taking the body from the airport to a funeral home.

She told CBC Victoria’s Jo-Ann Roberts that there is a code in the military.

“We never leave anyone behind and we never let a soldier come home alone.”

Her car had a flag at half mast and her four-way flashers were on. The ticket was given to Ferguson because her license plate was obstructed.

Her first thought when the officer pulled in behind her and flashed his lights was that the officer was going to help the motorcade.

“That didn’t happen,” Ferguson said, “He shouted out on his microphone to pull over immediately. We were just in shock.”

She said, “We were already in an emotional state and it was Remembrance Day. It’s hard on all of us veterans and soldiers that a fellow man at arms would pull me over and pull me out of this escort.”

Ferguson said when she explained to the officer about the procession he told her he didn’t care and that he went to his car and came back with the ticket. “I looked at him and I’m like I am sorry this is most disrespectful thing I have seen anyone do”

In wake of terrorist attacks, Canadian government seeks to increase police and spy agency powers

See here and here.

I don’t think this is necessary; as I said after the attacks, I think security on Parliament Hill, and other government sites, should be ramped up, certainly – and if you’re going to have guards at the War Memorial, arm them so they can do their job properly.

But also, I think we should let those who want to leave go; keeping them here only increases the odds that they’ll carry out attacks here, rather than simply joining IS over there.

Moreover, free societies should allow people the freedom to leave, if they wish to do so.

The police don’t need more powers; they need re-focusing, away from ordinary Canadians.

By all means, keep better tabs on those who are potential risks.

But stop being tyrannical towards ordinary citizens.

Increased police powers can only mean more police tyranny.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Peanut Butter


Wowbutter looks like peanut butter. Smells like it. Tastes like it. But it’s made from soybeans. It has no actual peanuts in it. Yet the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District in Canada has warned schools that have peanut- and nut-free policies that those rules also bar peanut butter substitutes such as Wowbutter. Officials say that because these products are so similar to peanut butter in looks and smell allowing them would make it difficult for a school to enforce a peanut butter ban.

Homeschool your kids! Then you can feed them whatever you want, for lunch.