Bronx Man Jailed for 18 Years Despite 13 Alibi Witnesses


Richard Rosario is in Year 18 of a 25-to-life sentence for murder, even though 13 alibi witnesses have tried to tell authorities that he was with them–1,000 miles away–at the time of the crime. (Among the 13 are a sheriff’s deputy, a pastor, and a federal corrections officer.) The “evidence” against him: Two “eyewitnesses” in New York City had picked him out of a mugshot book. Rosario had given police names, addresses, and phone numbers of the 13 people in Florida, but so far, everyone (except NBC’s “Dateline”) has ignored the list, including Rosario’s court-appointed lawyers. As is often the case, appeals court judges (state and federal) have trusted the eyewitnesses and the “process.” (In November, “Dateline” located 9 of the 13, who are still positive Rosario was in Deltona, Fla., on the day of the murder.) [WNBC-TV (New York City), 11-21-2014]