In wake of terrorist attacks, Canadian government seeks to increase police and spy agency powers

See here and here.

I don’t think this is necessary; as I said after the attacks, I think security on Parliament Hill, and other government sites, should be ramped up, certainly – and if you’re going to have guards at the War Memorial, arm them so they can do their job properly.

But also, I think we should let those who want to leave go; keeping them here only increases the odds that they’ll carry out attacks here, rather than simply joining IS over there.

Moreover, free societies should allow people the freedom to leave, if they wish to do so.

The police don’t need more powers; they need re-focusing, away from ordinary Canadians.

By all means, keep better tabs on those who are potential risks.

But stop being tyrannical towards ordinary citizens.

Increased police powers can only mean more police tyranny.