Cornwall kids defy bylaw to stop selling worms

Stopping small children from selling worms? WTF?

A Cornwall family is defying a city order to stop two kids from selling worms on their front lawn.

Clayton, 8, and Kristopher Cadieux, 10, started their business last summer, digging up worms and selling them as bait for $2.50 per dozen.

But after a complaint from a neighbour, the brothers received a note from the city saying they were breaking a bylaw and had to shut down their business.

Busy-body neighbour; busy-body municipal government.

Good on them, and their parents, for their defiance.

More smoking bans in Ontario

Left-liberal commie nanny/police state bastards…

In Ontario, it’s now illegal to smoke at children’s playgrounds, publicly owned sports fields and restaurant and bar patios, changes that took effect New Year’s Day.

As well, tobacco cannot be legally sold on university and college campuses.

Which simply punishes convenience stores on campuses, driving the trade to neighbouring off-campus stores, giving them a competitive edge; won’t decrease smoking one iota.

Meaning the government will still get their tax revenues, unless of course more people buy their tobacco in bulk from native reserves…

Ontario Catholic schools can’t force students to attend Mass, court rules


Quite the development.

The Ontario Superior Court has ruled that student at a Catholic high school who is entitled to be excused from religious courses must also be excused, if they wish, from religious field trips and attending mass.

So, Ontario Catholic schools can’t refuse students bringing same-sex ‘partners’ to their proms; they’re not allowed to teach that abortion is wrong any more; they’re not only allowing students to be excused from religious courses, but have bent over backwards in some jurisdictions to accommodate others; but now they can’t even require those attending their schools to attend religious services.

In what way, shape or form are Ontario’s publicly-funded Catholic schools still truly Catholic?

And even leftists like the Toronto Star’s Thomas Walkom can recognize the dilemma:

What’s the point of a religious school system if students can opt out of religion?

This is the question Ontario’s Catholic schools…

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