‘X-rated’ police chopper talk broadcast to Winnipeg

Unsurprising, to anyone who follows police shenanigans these days…

Racy comments from a Winnipeg police helicopter were overheard by individuals on the ground Monday night through the chopper’s speaker system.

It’s not known if the speaker was inadvertently left on, but a police spokesperson said the department is aware of the situation and is reviewing it.

Parts of the conversation were quickly posted to Twitter, and then spread across social media.

The tweets started about 10 p.m. local time, and caused #whoops and #speakerphone to trend in the Winnipeg area.

One of the first to tweet about it, Natanielle Felicitas, told CBC News on Tuesday morning that she was enjoying a nice evening in her backyard with friends when the extra voices came from the sky.

“We paused to listen and were shocked by what we heard. It was a hilarious and inappropriate human blooper moment,” she wrote in an email. “I rarely tweet, but this moment seemed too bizarre not to share.”

Good Cop, Bad Cop

They should both be charged; don’t mess up the address! Stupid incompetent murderous officers…

San Diego police responding to a domestic disturbance call went to the wrong address, where one of them killed the homeowner’s service dog. Ian Anderson said that when he opened the door after the officers knocked, his dog came up behind him. One of the officers reached down to pet the dog. The other stepped back, drew his weapon and shot the dog.

Jackbooted thugs…

Shut up, ‘brother’!

This is almost funny.

It was bad enough that a man crashed his car into Aaron Shelton’s yard. It was even worse when the Hamilton County, Tennessee, deputies pursuing that man tackled Shelton to the ground and beat him with their batons even as he and his wife tried to explain that, not only was Shelton the not the man they were looking for, he was a fellow deputy. After the deputies realized their mistake, Shelton says they tried to keep him quiet, telling him they were “brothers.” But he says he was ostracized and punished professionally after he filed a complaint against the deputies. He’s now suing the department and the county.

I hope he wins.

At Least They Didn’t Shoot Him

At Least They Didn’t Shoot Him


It was bad enough when a driver fleeing police struck Joseph Swink’s car, causing it to spin out. But then the cops chasing that man tackled Swink to the ground and handcuffed him. St. Ann, Missouri, Police Chief Aaron Jimenez later apologized to Swink and said officers mistook him for the man they were chasing.

Typical modern-day police incompetence…

Then again, American police have always had trouble “them” apart. Driving While Black, still apparently a crime in America!