Is flicking a sunflower seed littering? Winnipeg police think so

This is how Winnipeg police treat tourists from other countries – and Canadians, too, no doubt…

Winnipeg sucks; modern police suck; and Winnipeg police therefore suck doubly.

Shut up, ‘brother’!

This is almost funny.

It was bad enough that a man crashed his car into Aaron Shelton’s yard. It was even worse when the Hamilton County, Tennessee, deputies pursuing that man tackled Shelton to the ground and beat him with their batons even as he and his wife tried to explain that, not only was Shelton the not the man they were looking for, he was a fellow deputy. After the deputies realized their mistake, Shelton says they tried to keep him quiet, telling him they were “brothers.” But he says he was ostracized and punished professionally after he filed a complaint against the deputies. He’s now suing the department and the county.

I hope he wins.

Typical hard-headed modern cop, wouldn’t listen

Thug with a badge…

When a Victoria, Texas, police officer stopped Pete Vasquez, 76, for an expired inspection sticker, Vasquez pointed to the dealer tag on the car and tried to explain that it was legally exempt from inspection. But Nathanial Robinson wasn’t hearing any of it. He grabbed Vasquez to handcuff him, and when Vasquez pulled away, Robinson tried to push him down on the hood of his patrol car, then tossed him to the ground and Tasered him twice.

Beloit Police Ask Residents To Volunteer To Have Their Homes Searched For Guns

No! Resist police tyranny.

Beloit, Wisconsin, Police Chief Norm Jacobs is asking residents to volunteer to let his officers search their homes for guns. He says they should think gun violence as an infectious disease and home inspections as a vaccine.

On the contrary, it’s police overstepping their bounds that is an infectious disease; one preventative measure is to refuse to cooperate where not required to by law.