Chick logic.

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The argument is actually quite straightforward: There are far fewer women in prison than men to start with — women make up just 7 percent of the prison population. This means that these women are disproportionately affected by a system designed for men.

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Oops, sorry, we goofed, you still gotta pay

No mercy.

A SWAT team raided Cornealious “Mike” Anderson’s St. Louis home, hauling him out at gunpoint. Anderson was wanted for a robbery. A robbery he’d been convicted of 13 years earlier. For some reason, authorities never actually sent him to prison. And they didn’t discover he was free until it was time to release him. In the meantime, Anderson has not only stayed out of trouble with the law, he has married, started a family and started a business. But the local prosecutor says that now that they know Anderson never served his time he has to go to prison.