More smoking bans in Ontario

Left-liberal commie nanny/police state bastards…

In Ontario, it’s now illegal to smoke at children’s playgrounds, publicly owned sports fields and restaurant and bar patios, changes that took effect New Year’s Day.

As well, tobacco cannot be legally sold on university and college campuses.

Which simply punishes convenience stores on campuses, driving the trade to neighbouring off-campus stores, giving them a competitive edge; won’t decrease smoking one iota.

Meaning the government will still get their tax revenues, unless of course more people buy their tobacco in bulk from native reserves…

Moscow Benches to Publicly Display Sitters’ Weight

Moscow Benches to Publicly Display Sitters’ Weight.

In a bid to raise fitness consciousness, Moscow’s authorities have decided to replace ordinary park benches with high-tech scales. The change, which will affect the city’s most popular parks, is being sponsored by gyms that are hoping to attract more weight-obsessed clients.


One of the first parks in Moscow to embrace the change is the northern Sokolniki Park – director Andrei Lapshin said that 20 weighing benches could be placed there by the end of the year.

Moscow’s media and advertising head Vladimir Chernikov supported the ambitious project by saying that he’s for ‘everything progressive and interesting’. He hinted that the high-tech benches would also be wired with electricity for phone-charging stations. This feature comes at an additional cost of 50,000 rubles ($1,300) per bench, which will be covered by advertising.