‘Vulgar’ undies Comfyballs denied a U.S. trademark

Apparently following the precedent of an ice cream being banned for referencing testicles in its name…


A Norwegian underwear brand that caused controversy in the US and was denied a trademark is making its way to the UK.

The US Patent Office would not allow the brand to be trademarked due to the use of the word ‘balls’ in the company’s name, which is deemed to be vulgar.

Interestingly, the trademarks Nice Balls and I Love My balls have recently both been approved by the USPTO.

The USPTO likened the Comfyballs’ application to ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s attempt to market an ice cream flavor called Schweddy Balls.

Interest group One Million Moms responded with outrage, and managed to stop such marketing.

So, because of the precedent of a proposed ice cream name they rejected, they will reject a brand of underwear (which is worn under one’s pants, not out in the open, so the ‘vulgar’ name can’t even be seen)?

Yet they approve “Love my balls” – even for outerwear…

Bureaucratic tyrants! Banning things entirely on whims, without rhyme or reason; allowing one thing but denying something similar, for no logical reason.