Don’t rescue orphaned birds in Illinois

Or you’ll be breaking the law, and might end up charged, like this guy:

When Steven Patterson found an eagle’s nest and two baby eagles that had been blown out of a tree, he took them to a wildlife rehabilitation center. One of the eagles has recovered and been released into the wild. The other is still recovering. Meanwhile, La Salle County, Illinois, prosecutor Brian Towne charged Patterson with interfering with wildlife for his efforts. Patterson’s first trial ended in hung jury, but Towne says he will not drop the charges.


Make a law, punish citizens instead of state agents for breaking it…

Anarcho-tyranny, indeed…

Last year, federal and North Carolina and Georgia state wildlife law enforcement announced the results of Operation Something Bruin, a joint investigation that resulted in bear-poaching charges against 80 people. But an investigation by an Atlanta TV station found that charges against many of those people have since been dropped for lack of evidence and others were allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges such as driving on a closed forestry road. In fact, the investigation found that law enforcement officers, not the alleged poachers, killed many of the bears.