Beloit Police Ask Residents To Volunteer To Have Their Homes Searched For Guns

No! Resist police tyranny.

Beloit, Wisconsin, Police Chief Norm Jacobs is asking residents to volunteer to let his officers search their homes for guns. He says they should think gun violence as an infectious disease and home inspections as a vaccine.

On the contrary, it’s police overstepping their bounds that is an infectious disease; one preventative measure is to refuse to cooperate where not required to by law.

Police chief signs up for porn and dating websites under a Tea Party activist’s name, for revenge


MILWAUKEE  – A police chief in a western Wisconsin town created accounts on pornographic and dating websites under the name of a local Tea Party advocate to even a score with him, court records showed.

Town of Campbell Police Chief Timothy Kelemen set up accounts under Gregory Luce’s name after he and fellow Tea Party members allegedly harassed Kelemen’s department after it banned their protest signs on overpasses, a police report filed in a federal court case showed.

According to the report, Kelemen retaliated by using Luce’s personal information to create identities on dating websites, pornography websites featuring homosexual men and

“I’m like, all right, buddy, you cause us a hassle, we’re going to cause you a hassle,” Kelemen said in a video clip posted on the La Crosse Tea Party website, showing an interview investigators did with him in May. Campbell borders on La Crosse.

“I’m not denying I did it … I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” he added.

Cop T-Bones Passing Car, Driver Charged With DUI After Being Honest

Pig bastards tried to frame her.

Last February Joseph Quilles, a deputy sheriff with the Milwaukee Sheriff’s Department, T-boned 25-year-old Tanya Weyker’s car while he was turning at a stop sign, breaking her neck.

Cops who arrived at the scene started questioning Weyker about whether she had been drinking (she admitted to having a couple of sips from a friend’s drink earlier in the day) and whether she was on prescription pills (she admitted being prescribed Vicodin after having her wisdom teeth pulled out but said she hadn’t taken any in a week).