Hungary: Urine sample protest against drug test idea

I don’t blame them; it’s insane!

A proposal to make young people in Hungary take annual drug tests has gone down badly with one youth party, which delivered urine samples to the local council in protest.

District mayor Mate Kocsis, from the ruling Fidesz party, wants all 12 to 18-year-olds to be tested for drugs, as well as politicians and journalists, the Hungary Today website reports. But the Young Democrats don’t think much of the idea, so several members filled little jars with urine and took them to Budapest’s 8th district council offices, where Mr Kocsis works. The group is the youth wing of the opposition Democratic Coalition party. Outside the council building, Young Democrats leader Bendeguz Koppany Szarvas told the press that the mayor should have “nothing to do with our private lives whatsoever”, and accused him of seeing all young people as drug addicts.

The Fidesz parliamentary group has announced it will support the drug test proposal with some “refinements”, including ensuring that parents are informed of their children’s drug test results. There would also be no legal consequences for any minors who test positive, according to Fidesz MP Antal Rogan. The Democratic Coalition says the proposal would cost 40 billion forints ($162m; £103m), 400 times more than the amount allocated to drug prevention in next year’s budget.

Fucking tyrants.

Another victim of police idiocy / brutality / lawlessness and the Drug Jihad

To Protect and Serve

David Hooks had reason to be a little nervous. Someone had taken items from a pickup at his Dublin, Georgia, home and stolen an SUV from him the night before. So when his wife reported seeing armed men in camouflage in their yard around 10 p.m., he grabbed a shotgun. Minutes later, the men kicked in their back door and shot Hooks dead. The armed intruders turned out to be Laurens County sheriff’s deputies. They’d found Hooks’ SUV earlier in the day and arrested Rodney Garrett. Garrett admitted stealing the SUV but claimed the meth they found on him was not his but had been stolen from Hooks’ truck. Based solely on that, they got a warrant to search Hooks’ house. They searched the home for 44 hours and found no drugs.

And so they take a thief’s word as gospel truth.

Evil and stupid bastards.

Now an innocent man is dead.

Uh Oh, SpaghettiO


The Hall County, Georgia, district attorney’s office has dropped a possession of meth charge against Ashley Gabrielle Huff. A Gainesville police officer had stopped an SUV that Huff was a passenger in for  a tag light violation. The officer obtained permission to search the vehicle and found a spoon that had some sort of residue on it. A field test indicated it was meth, but the lab results later showed no controlled substances on the spoon. Huff says the residue was from SpaghettiOs.

Marijuana scratch-and-sniff cards given out by Northern Ireland police to help folks rat out grow-ops

Here’s a better idea: legalize it, then it won’t have to be grown indoors, secretly, and organized crime won’t be involved, and profiting thereby.

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LOL! 🙂

Northern Ireland police are distributing marijuana-smelling scratch-and-sniff cards to help people recognize the smell of weed being grown illegally.

When scratched, the cards produce the scent of cannabis in its “growing state,” says the Guardian newspaper, which adds the odour is different from the smell of marijuana smoke.

The cards’ cannabis odour is caused by a chemical, not the plant itself.

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One Box of Sudafed Over the Line: Florida Woman Arrested for Trying to Relieve Allergy Symptoms

One Box of Sudafed Over the Line: Florida Woman Arrested for Trying to Relieve Allergy Symptoms


While shopping with her husband in Quincy, Florida, on July 19, 2010, Mickey Goodson stopped by a Winn-Dixie drugstore to pick up some allergy pills. The pharmacist on duty suggested she buy two boxes of Sudafed, which she did. Thus began Goodson’s entanglement with the criminal justice system, which featured searches of her car and home, along with drug charges that were not dropped until September 2011.