E.U. considering requiring auto insurance for riding mowers!


The European Union is considering requiring those who mow their lawns with a riding lawnmower to have automobile insurance, even if the lawnmower never leaves their property. A Slovenian man was injured after the ladder he was standing on was hit by a trailer attached to a tractor that was backing up.  That case is currently in the European court system, but regulators say it shows the need for compulsory insurance even on vehicles that aren’t operated on the roads.

Stilton campaigners meet ‘big cheeses’ in name row

Thanks to Westminster and the E.U., Stilton from Stilton can’t be Stilton.

Campaigners who want blue cheese made in the Cambridgeshire village of Stilton to be officially called Stilton are taking their fight to Westminster.

Resident Richard Landy is seeking to overturn a Defra decision refusing to recognise the cheese as Stilton.

Under EU law, Stilton can only be produced in Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, where it is thought the cheese originated.


“We just want the right to produce the cheese in Stilton. It’s the only protected food name product in the whole of Europe that can’t be produced in the place it’s named after.”

Mr Vara said: “I believe that the historic village of Stilton should be able to manufacture the world famous cheese of its namesake in the village itself.

Fricking bureaucrats and Eurocrats…